Crock-pot Vegan Banana Bread

Let’s hear it for banana bread! 👏👏 👏 Who wouldn’t want a slice of moist, sweet, cake-like bread for breakfast or dessert? Even people who aren’t big banana fans like banana bread, right?! Let’s not forget to mention the fresh home baked aroma that fills the air. Our banana bread recipe has all that going for it with the added bonus of being VEGAN! And since our’s is made in a Crockpot you don’t have to have a constant eye on the oven. 

Our Crock-pot Vegan Banana Bread has extra nutrients from flax meal, added fiber from chia seeds to help keep you full, and protein from a small amount of peanut butter, that makes your taste buds go “hmm, do I taste pb?” 😋 So let’s get cooking!



⭑1¾ cup flour

⭑½ cup sugar

⭑1 Tablespoon baking powder

⭑1 teaspoon baking soda

⭑Pinch of salt

⭑5 ripe bananas

⭑½ cup vegetable oil

⭑1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

⭑1 teaspoon maple extract

⭑ground cinnamon to taste. (if you like it really cinnamony, use 1 teaspoon. If you’re looking for just a touch cinnamon, use ½ teaspoon + extra for sprinkling on top)

⭑ground nutmeg for sprinkling on top

⭑¼ cup oat milk (or plant milk of choice)

⭑¼ cup creamy peanut butter 

⭑2 teaspoons flax meal

⭑2 Tablespoons chia seed


⭑Preheat a large oval shaped Crockpot on high with enough water to just cover the bottom. About 2 cups.

⭑Prepare a 9×5 loaf pan by spraying with cooking oil and a light layer of flour. Tap the flour around the pan to coat the bottom and all sides. Tap out any excess flour. Set aside.

⭑In a mixing bowl whisk together, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, flax meal, and chia seed.

⭑In a separate larger mixing bowl cream ripe bananas with an electric mixer.

⭑To the bananas add, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, maple extract, peanut butter, and oat milk. Combine until just incorporated. 

⭑Slowly combine dry ingredients to the banana mixture a couple tablespoons at a time. Start electric mixer speed on low and increase speed as batter gets thicker.

⭑Pour batter into loaf pan. Sprinkle a little ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg on top.

⭑Carefully place loaf pan down into the heated Crockpot. Cover Crockpot with a few paper towels. (This will help keep the steam off the banana bread.) Place the Crockpot lid tightly on top. Don’t touch for 2 hours. 

⭑After 2 hours, check with a toothpick. If it comes out clean it’s done. If not, leave uncovered for another 15 minutes. 

⭑When done, turn off Crockpot. Carefully, with oven mitts, lift the loaf pan out of the Crockpot and let cool on a wire rack. 

⭑When cooled empty banana bread onto a plate. Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “Crock-pot Vegan Banana Bread

  1. We really enjoy banana bread and do have a crockpot, but I’ve never before had a recipe that has you create the bread within the crockpot! This is super convenient.


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