Tomato Basil Penne

 I’ve often thought of how great it would be to visit Italy, just the food alone, all the pasta, tomatoes, and garlic. Yum!! Many of us are still being asked to stay put at home and we’re starting to get antsy for the days where we could take a trip or two. With some pantry favorites, let your palette take a trip to Italy with our Tomato Basil Penne. Crushed tomatoes, Italian herbs, and vegan burger come together perfectly with classic penne pasta. Now that’s amore. ❤ So let’s get cooking!



*1 clove garlic, chopped

*1 medium onion, chopped

*½ yellow bell pepper, chopped

*1 tablespoon dried oregano

*1 tablespoon dried basil

*1 tablespoon garlic powder

*1 tablespoon onion powder

*1 teaspoon granulated sugar

*swirl of extra virgin olive oil

*1 large can crushed tomatoes

*2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

*1½ cups penne

*few dashes hot sauce

*2 boca burgers


*Heat a large skillet, add olive oil, chopped onion, yellow pepper, and chopped garlic.

*While the veggies are cooking. Chop boca burgers, add to skillet. Cook until the onion is translucent. 

*Add crushed tomatoes, and stir in all the spices. Add in granulated sugar.

*In a separate pan, boil penne. When penne is cooked, reserve 2 small ladles of pasta water before draining. Add laddled water to tomato sauce.

*Fold in cooked penne, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper to tomato sauce.

*Tear fresh basil and add it to the skillet just before serving. 

*When serving, you can add more fresh basil for garnish, if you’d like.



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