Summer Black Bean and Olive Pasta Salad

 This salad has sunny flavors of summery lemon, tomato, and olive. A base of macaroni pasta is folded just right with black beans, green olives, grape tomatoes, onion, peas, fresh basil and Italian parsley. Seasoned with a lemony extra virgin olive oil dressing.  If you’re planning to spend the day outdoors, it’s perfect for picnics because there’s nothing in it that can’t be in the heat. So let’s get cooking!


•1½ cups macaroni
•2-3 green onions, sliced OR a small amount of sweet onion, diced
•½ cup frozen peas
•½ pint grape OR cherry tomatoes, quartered
•1 large handful fresh basil, chopped
•1 small handful fresh Italian parsley, chopped
•½ cup black beans, drained and rinsed from can
•15 small green olives, halved
•1 small handful of small green olives left whole
•1 teaspoon dried oregano
•1 teaspoon garlic powder
•zest of 1 lemon
•juice of 1 lemon
•1 teaspoon sugar
•¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
Start by cooking macaroni pasta. About 5 minutes into cooking pasta add peas. While that’s cooking- prepare the veggies and herbs. In a small mixing bowl add lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar,dried oregano, garlic powder, and olive oil. When macaroni pasta and peas are done cooking- drain off hot water and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process. Pour macaroni and peas into a large mixing bowl along with the beans, vegetables and herbs. Fold together and fold in lemon/olive oil dressing. Season with salt & pepper to taste


14 thoughts on “Summer Black Bean and Olive Pasta Salad

  1. This recipe made my mouth water while I read. It sounds delicious! I’d remove the onion to suit my allergy, but aside from that – I think I’d probably eat the whole amount in one sitting haha! Thanks for sharing this bright, summer recipe.


    1. Oh my, it must be terrible to have an onion allergy! It was hard not to eat it all in one sitting- it’s so good. 🤗 Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your kind words! 💚


  2. Ooooh this looks amazing! I love a good pasta salad. I’m planning a picnic (to get out of the house) and I think this just made the menu. Thank you!


  3. I love pasta salads. Whenever I’m on vacations, I always search for salads and pasta first in the breakfast buffet spread. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It made me crave for pasta even more! ;-p


  4. I love these summery pasta salads! This sounds so delicious! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the recipe!


  5. Pasta salad is my favorite thing to eat during the summer. If I could, I’d eat it every day. This one looks great, but I would have to make it without the olives because I just can’t stand the flavor of them.


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