Cannellini Bean Dip

Staying true to our love for Mediterrain flavors, we're giving the idea of hummus an Italian twist. CANNELLINI BEAN DIP has the rich velvety texture of hummus but with robust flavors of garlic ( because if you're a regular here, you know how much we love garlic), lemon, and an herb we don't use very much, … Continue reading Cannellini Bean Dip


Crispy Potato Chip Tofu Bites

A few months back we bought an air fryer and have been playing around with some yummy recipes.This week we're debuting our first air fryer recipe on the blog! CRISPY POTATO CHIP TOFU BITES combine two of my favorite yums-- crunchy potato chips and creamy tofu. You can use any flavor of chip that you fancy. … Continue reading Crispy Potato Chip Tofu Bites

Coconut Crusted Squash

If you’re familiar with coconut shrimp, and are a fan, let me introduce you to our COCONUT CRUSTED SQUASH! It’s got all the same delicious flavor of sweet crunchy coconut but instead of coating shrimp, it’s fresh squash. A great option for an appetizer served with maple syrup, or a main course on the side … Continue reading Coconut Crusted Squash

Pizza Meatball Bites

If you love the flavors of pizza, and spaghetti with meatballs, or meatball subs- We’ve got the perfect bite for lunch, dinner, or any gathering that requires fun finger food. Our PIZZA MEATBALL BITES combine the great flavors of cheese pizza and saucy meatballs. It’s like a tasty meatball sub in a handy, fork free … Continue reading Pizza Meatball Bites